At Montoya Wealth, we take a lot of pride in operating as a fiduciary financial advisor.
Here's what that means.


Put clients' interests first

When we launched, our primary aim was to create an investment advisor who would always act as a fiduciary on behalf of our clients. Montoya Wealth Management, like all RIAs, is bound by the fiduciary standard to place our clients’ needs above our own. We see the standard as a starting point and work to build into each of our client relationships a sense of stewardship. Your success is ours.

This translates into a cultivating a careful understanding of our clients’ needs and financial pictures and then selecting securities based on that understanding.

Work to avoid conflicts of interest

We never earn commissions on the investment products we place our clients into and because we are independent, we are under no pressure to place our clients in products for any reason other than helping them meet their financial goals.

As an independent registered investment advisor, we’re legally bound to act in a fiduciary capacity for our clients. Unlike broker dealers and their agents, who earn commissions by selling products they deem suitable both for your account and for their bottom line, each decision we make as a fiduciary financial advisor is solely on behalf of our clients’ best interests.

Offer attentive and personalized service

Because our clients' lives are dynamic, so too is our advice. We check in quarterly with our clients and meet with them as often as needed to ensure their investment and financial planning strategies continue tracking to their needs.

Operate with a simple, transparent fee structure

We are committed to operating transparently. To that end, our fee structure is a simple percentage of assets under management. In addition, we disclose all important facts about our business in writing, including the maximum discounts any of our clients receive. We also work hard to avoid conflicts of interest and, in instances when they’re unavoidable, we hold ourselves accountable to solve them in your favor. We have designed our business processes to not only hold ourselves to the fiduciary standard but to continuously improve the stewardship services we offer to our clients.

Are you working with a fiduciary financial advisor? Here are five ways to tell.

1.     A fiduciary financial advisor will take the time to gain a thorough understanding of your investment needs, ideally furnishing you with a financial plan.

2.     A fiduciary financial advisor will disclose in writing any conflicts of interest or material facts that affect his or her choices on your behalf.

3.     A fiduciary financial advisor will meet with you regularly to ensure investments and financial plans flex appropriately when things in your life change.

4.     A fiduciary financial advisor is paid transparently, either via an hourly fee or a percentage of your invested assets.

5.     A fiduciary financial advisor protects you by arranging to hold your funds away with an outside custodian.

Fee- only  fiduciary financial advisors offer advice based solely on the client's best interest. Wholesalers and the lure of commissions, by contrast, can color the advice that fee- based  advisors offer.

Fee-only fiduciary financial advisors offer advice based solely on the client's best interest. Wholesalers and the lure of commissions, by contrast, can color the advice that fee-based advisors offer.