Hi! I'm Brandon Montoya.

After half a decade in financial services, I founded Montoya Wealth Management with my wife Erica with the aim of providing excellence in service and investment peace of mind for each of my asset management clients.

I worked in the financial services industry for about a decade, starting at Wells Fargo as a banker and working Edward Jones, Chase Bank and Merrill Lynch. Time and time again, one of the things I found was that I wasn't able to give my clients the level of service they deserved and that I wanted to provide.

Erica and I enjoy a moment with our kids, Lily and Ellis at our client appreciation event last summer.

Erica and I enjoy a moment with our kids, Lily and Ellis at our client appreciation event last summer.

After a lot of thought and consideration, I started looking for a place that would allow me to offer the highest possible service levels. It was during this time that Erica said, "Why don't you create your own firm?"

After a lot of research, we decided to go for it, settling on the Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) model for its benefits to our clients.

Specifically, in a few key areas, the fee-only RIA model was different than the commission-based broker-dealer model I had been working in. Working within the independent RIA model:

  • We don't get commissions. This eliminates a significant conflict of interest.
  • We don't sell annuities. It's our belief that annuities are an excellent way to enrich the people who sell them while ensuring your upside never exceeds a few percentage points.
  • We don't have a parent company, so we are never under any pressure to put you in inappropriate or proprietary investments.

What we do instead is take a fiduciary approach to implementing tailored asset management and planning strategies on your behalf.

We have been fortunate to be profitable from day one. It's been a wonderful ride so far and we look forward to many more years of excellent service on behalf of our clients.

Our financial advisors

Brandon Montoya

Financial Advisor and Owner



Brandon began his career at New Frontiers Natural Marketplace as the youngest department manager the store had ever had. During his time there, he emphasized service delivery by streamlining and automating processes to not only make it one of the store’s most profitable business units but to increase profits quarter over quarter.
After five years, Brandon shifted gears and went to work for Wells Fargo in 2011 and immediately began applying the same principles he used at New Frontiers to his career in financial services. By 2014, he was an investment advisor, working on a team managing $100 million. In 2016, in a bid to exercise greater control over investment strategies and service levels, he made the choice to go independent. This has allowed him to round out his offerings and ensure that his clients receive comprehensive financial advice not only for their investments but for their lives as a whole. He believes that true financial success is achieved when his clients’ portfolios enable them to reach their life goals.

Outside of MWM

Brandon is an active member of the Frontier Rotary. He and Erica live in Prescott with their children, Lily and Ellis. He enjoys family outings and is an avid runner.

Erica Ryberg

Financial Advisor, Planner, and Co-owner



Before helping to launch Montoya Wealth Management, Erica had a varied career in writing and marketing. She launched Read It Here magazine in 2007, designing the business to emphasize service to writers, vendors, and the community as a whole. She chalks up the experience as an excellent education where she learned the fundamentals of running a business.

On the weight of her experience at the magazine, she was recruited to the Amazon.com, where she served as a business writer and program developer for six years. Central to that role was writing the group’s financial planning document every year, a significant endeavor as her group represented the largest center of re-investment at the company.

Erica enthusiastically joined Montoya Wealth Management as a licensed advisor after years of writing about personal and business finance. She's currently working toward a CFP certification with a goal of completing the coursework by Summer 2020. Erica enjoys applying her hard-won financial knowledge on behalf of planning clients at Montoya Wealth. 

Outside of MWM

Erica loves staying fit in the outdoors and loves introducing Ellis, her pre-schooler, to outdoor sports. Next stop: mountain biking!


Frequently asked questions

+ How do you get paid?

We are a fee-only registered investment advisor. That means we solely offer investment advice. We don't sell annuities or other insurance products and we never receive money from commissions. Instead, our investment clients pay a fee each calendar quarter based on the value of their account. This eliminates conflicts of interest that would interfere with our ability to act as a fiduciary for our clients. In short, we put your needs above our own.

+ Why would I want to go with a small firm?

In a word, service. We use the same caliber of professional investment tools that larger firms use, but take more time to get to know you and your needs and to invest your money accordingly. We are able to be proactive to changes not only in the larger market but changes in your specific life circumstances as well.

+ How often do you meet with clients?

We meet with clients on a quarterly basis to review their accounts. We also reach out to our clients during market changes and as needed to ensure their financial plans are on track. We have a service commitment to return all calls from our clients within 24 hours.

+ You're a registered investment advisor? Why is this important?

Being a registered investment advisor means we're regulated under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940, which holds us to a fiduciary standard. Being an independent investment advisor allows us the freedom to serve your specific needs as we see fit, always acting exclusively on your behalf.

+ Where are clients' assets held?

Because we are committed to making sure your assets are secure and always safeguarded, we use a trusted third party custodian, T.D. Ameritrade.

+ How does trading get done on my account?

Trading happens through our custodian, T.D Ameritrade. Trades are effected either through third-party managers or by using customized models. When you decide to invest with Montoya Wealth Management, we disclose all fees associated with your accounts up front.