We are an independent, fee-only registered investment advisor in Prescott, AZ.

After half a decade in financial services, Brandon Montoya founded Montoya Wealth Management with the aim to provide investment peace of mind and excellence in service for each of his clients.  It’s an independent investment firm based here in Prescott, Arizona that adheres to the fiduciary standard of always putting clients first.

How we work


There are no one-size-fits-all investment solutions at Montoya Wealth Management. We construct holistic financial plans before we begin the investment process because we believe that in order to offer solid investment advice, we must have an understanding of your needs, who you are not just as an investor but as a person: What your values are, what you want your money to do for you in retirement, and what kind of legacy you want to leave behind. Armed with this knowledge, we can build a wealth strategy that fits you and your life.


As a fee-only, independent investment advisor, we have no conflicts of interest: We earn no commissions, so we never churn to drive up cash-flow. We have no parent company so we are never under pressure to put you in inappropriate or proprietary investments. Instead, we implement world-class investment strategies on behalf of your specific needs.


We invest your money but we don't hold it. In order to protect you, we have hired TD Ameritrade to serve as a custodian for your assets. Once you agree to be our client, you opt to give us permission to make trades on your behalf, but with the exception of collecting agreed-upon, asset-based fees, we never have the power to withdraw money from your account. 


Because we are committed to building long-term relationships, we earn our clients’ business through consistent communication that seeks to keep you updated on your accounts and on the state of the market in a way that connects the two together to provide meaningful, actionable insight.

Frequently asked questions

+ How do you get paid?

We are a fee-only registered investment advisor. That means we solely offer investment advice. We don't sell annuities or other insurance products and we never receive money from commissions. Instead, our investment clients pay a fee each calendar quarter based on the value of their account. This eliminates conflicts of interest that would interfere with our ability to act as a fiduciary for our clients. In short, we put your needs above our own.

+ Why would I want to go with a small firm?

In a word, service. We use the same caliber of professional investment tools that larger firms use, but take more time to get to know you and your needs and to invest your money accordingly. We are able to be proactive to changes not only in the larger market but changes in your specific life circumstances as well.

+ How often do you meet with clients?

We meet with clients on a quarterly basis to review their accounts. We also reach out to our clients during market changes and as needed to ensure their financial plans are on track. We have a service commitment to return all calls from our clients within 24 hours.

+ You're a registered investment advisor? Why is this important?

Being a registered investment advisor means we're regulated under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940, which holds us to a fiduciary standard. Being an independent investment advisor allows us the freedom to serve your specific needs as we see fit, always acting exclusively on your behalf.

+ Where are clients' assets held?

Because we are committed to making sure your assets are secure and always safeguarded, we use a trusted third party custodian, T.D. Ameritrade.

+ How does trading get done on my account?

Trading happens through our custodian, T.D Ameritrade. Trades are effected either through third-party managers or by using customized models. When you decide to invest with Montoya Wealth Management, we disclose all fees associated with your accounts up front.