Our financial advisors

Brandon Montoya

Financial Advisor and Owner



Brandon began his career at New Frontiers Natural Marketplace as the youngest department manager the store had ever had. During his time there, he emphasized service delivery by streamlining and automating processes to not only make it one of the store’s most profitable business units but to increase profits quarter over quarter.
After five years, Brandon shifted gears and went to work for Wells Fargo in 2011 and immediately began applying the same principles he used at New Frontiers to his career in financial services. By 2014, he was an investment advisor, working on a team managing $100 million. In 2016, in a bid to exercise greater control over investment strategies and service levels, he made the choice to go independent. This has allowed him to round out his offerings and ensure that his clients receive comprehensive financial advice not only for their investments but for their lives as a whole. He believes that true financial success is achieved when his clients’ portfolios enable them to reach their life goals.

Outside of MWM

Brandon is an active member of the Frontier Rotary. He and Erica live in Prescott with their children, Lily and Ellis. He enjoys family outings and is an avid runner.

Erica Ryberg

Financial Advisor, Planner, and Co-owner



Before helping to launch Montoya Wealth Management, Erica had a varied career in writing and marketing. She launched Read It Here magazine in 2007, designing the business to emphasize service to writers, vendors, and the community as a whole. She chalks up the experience as an excellent education where she learned the fundamentals of running a business.

On the weight of her experience at the magazine, she was recruited to the Amazon.com, where she served as a business writer and program developer for six years. Central to that role was writing the group’s financial planning document every year, a significant endeavor as her group represented the largest center of re-investment at the company.

Erica enthusiastically joined Montoya Wealth Management as a licensed advisor after years of writing about personal and business finance. She's currently working toward a CFP certification with a goal of completing the coursework by Summer 2020. Erica enjoys applying her hard-won financial knowledge on behalf of planning clients at Montoya Wealth. 

Outside of MWM

Erica loves staying fit in the outdoors and loves introducing Ellis, her pre-schooler, to outdoor sports. Next stop: mountain biking!