We work with you to invest for income

Montoya Wealth Management provides investment management to clients according to their risk profiles and time horizons. Our clients are often people who have priorities other than managing their own investments. When we work with you to invest your money, we combine careful planning for income, lifestyle, and legacy objectives with periodic reviews thereafter to allow us to adjust our approach to your changing needs. 

We are a fee-only fiduciary

As a fee-only, independent investment advisor, we have no conflicts of interest: we earn no commissions, so we never churn to drive up cash-flow. We have no parent company so we are never under pressure to put you in inappropriate or proprietary investments. Instead, we work with you to stay on top of market and macroeconomic conditions and adjust accordingly. Our job is to keep a continuous eye on these factors and how they impact your specific financial needs.

We invest your money but we don't hold it. In order to protect you, we have hired TD Ameritrade to serve as a custodian for your assets. Once you agree to be our client, you opt to give us permissions to make trades on your behalf, but with the exception of collecting agreed-upon, asset-based fees, we never have the power to withdraw money from your account.

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